Senior Software Engineer

San Diego, California, United States · C4ISR Engineering-AS · SS-AS-02


SOLUTE is an information technology company that delivers products in the fields of cyber security, networks, global positioning, navigation, knowledge management, collaboration systems, and aviation electronics. Our depth of technical expertise, and successful history of engineering support provide a uniquely trusted and influential skillset to our clients. Our teams of software, network, and DevOps engineers use state-of-the-art technologies and architecture design to build innovative solutions for enterprise implementation.

We are a company of innovative professionals thriving in a highly motivating work environment that fosters creativity and independent thinking. If you are a motivated individual with a desire to support our service men and women, now is a great time to join SOLUTE!

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to provide the government with a solution for one of its most critical weapons systems. This Engineer will Primarily be responsible for developing the architecture of integrating algorithms into CTM and GCCS-M.




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